Contract Drafting Services We Offer

At NAST, we undertake a range of contract and agreement requirements. Our contract drafting services are for law firms, corporate law departments, companies that need contracts to work with employees/partners, and individuals with a variety of unique requirements. We provide contract drafting services to clients from all over the country as we work with a huge team of lawyers who understand the legal regulations and the standard format of contract drafts. Following are some of the types of agreements and contracts that we draft for our clients –

Partnership or Joint Venture Agreement

Partnership or joint venture agreement is required when two companies decide to enter a business deal and work together. These terms and conditions make it convenient for businesses to understand their role, responsibility, their share in profits and losses, and who the decision-maker is so that the business operations can be carried out smoothly. It also consists of specifications for the parties when the partnership or collaboration is dissolved.

Employment Agreement

Employment agreements are signed by employees who join a company. This agreement consists of all the details like payment, job role, the scope of work, and every other detail so that the employee has a complete idea about their role in the company, regulations, and protocol to be followed in case of termination, layoff, or resignation.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Non-Disclosure agreement binds another party that works with a business to confidentiality by not disclosing the secretive information about the operations of a business. This is mostly signed by a company that collaborates with another company or an employee who works with the company so that the confidential information can be safeguarded.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives the right to a person to take legal, medical, and financial decisions on behalf of a person under special circumstances, like in case of the death of the original decision-maker, etc. This contract grants the transfer of power to another person so that important decisions can be made in the absence of the original decision-maker.

Consulting Agreement

When a company works with consultants who are as such not a part of the organization, and function more like independent contractors, consulting agreement helps the company enlist certain terms and conditions regarding their role, scope of work, contract period, other regulations, and the clause in case of breach of the contract so that consultants have a clear idea about their role in the organization.

Drafting Different Types of Contracts

We also draft other types of contracts in addition to the ones that have been mentioned above. The following are some of the agreements. In case you don’t find the agreement or contract that you need to be drafted on our list, feel free to contact us and provide us with the details.

  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Business Sale Agreement
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Bill of Sale
  • Shareholder’s and Stockholder’s Agreement