5S is the method of creating, maintaining and improving a clean and orderly workplace in Kuala Lumpur that exposes waste and errors. It helps identify unplanned levels of inventory, inadequate work processes, wasted time and inefficiencies in equipment and other tools. 5S is a great place to start on your continuous improvement initiative, because it promotes an action-oriented approach to change, and allows everyone in the organization to get involved and provide input with improving their workplace.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the origins of 5S methodology.
  • Discuss the benefits of 5S principles.
  • Identify opportunities for improvement using 5S principles.
  • Introduce and embed 5S changes to the workplace for sustained improvement.
  • Create routines using 5S principles.
  • Learn techniques to avoid old habits.

Target Participants

Production planning Quality assurance, Productivity improvement, Supervisors, Officers, Executives.

Duration : 1 Day


Origins of 5S

– What is 5S ?
– Where did it come from ?
– The benefits of 5S

Planning for a 5S

– Tips for Success
– Issues and Concerns
– Evaluating Your Initial Situations

The 5S Methodology Unpacked Sort (Seiri)

– Clearing the work area
– Determine what you need

Set in Order (Seiso)

– Designated locations
– Design your workplace for efficiency

Shine (Seiton) Workplace Cleanliness

– Spit and polish
– Creating cleaning routines

Standardize (Seiketsu)

– Making it routine
– Design systems to ensure new norms
– The benefits of 5S

Sustain (Shitsuke)

– Changing the future
– Techniques to prevent old habits

Wrapping Up

– Words from the Wise
– The benefits of 5S