Production Time Management


What Is Time Management ?

Recognizing the skills and benefits of good time management.

Time Management Self-Assessment

Discovering areas of relative strength and weakness as the first step to making improvements.

Time Pressures

Identifying personal time pressures and strategies for minimizing them.

Time Wasters and Stealers

Finding solutions to effectively deal with interruptions and common time stealers.

Where Does Time Go?

Using time logs to analyze where time is actually spent.

Time Management Tools and Techniques

Using a range of tools and techniques that can assist with the process of managing time.

Prioritizing Tasks

Using a ‘Priority Grid’ to distinguish between tasks that are important versus urgent.

Time Management Matrix

Understanding how to balance your workload to ensure maximum productivity and minimum stress.

Perfect Planning

Using a range of planning tools in order to stay on top of priorities to remain flexible to changing priorities.

Personal Development Planning

Identifying continuing personal development needs and extending learning into the workplace.