New Norm-Digital Content Creation


A new normal is the trends of what people are talking after the COVID pandemic. Most people prefer to meet via online than via face to face. It also has opened a new horizon for networking when going online not only expand the networking capability, it also challenges the conservative way of people communicating.

Zoom has been fast being the go-to choose in most communication around the world with all the connection of new normal to Zoom to be trends. However, most people did not aware that digital content is not limited to only Zoom Platform. However, Zoom have becoming the best platform to maximize content for leaders, trainers, teachers, facilitators in the new norm.

This program is design to bring participant to investigate possibilities of creating digital content while still having engaging, informative experience maintained.

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Upon completing the 20-hours course, participants should be able to :

  • Create content for virtual compatibility.
  • Using tools of engagement to maximize interaction.
  • Improve the documentations to be more attractive and utilize online survey
  • Intergrade Zoom with other platform for better engagement during meeting / training.
  • Maximizing virtual meeting / conference for better impact.
  • Making meeting fun and fruitful.

Duration : 20 Hours

Methodologies : Virtual learning in two-way communication via Zoom / Microsoft Teams


Understanding Virtual Meeting

– Setting a Meeting
– Branding with Class
– Feature and Limitation

Day Summary: Understanding the importance of preparing a meeting before a meeting itself by branding it to start engagement from the participants before the meeting starts.

Making Meeting Works

– AIDA framework
– Understand VAKAD
– 6 Human Needs

Day Summary: The use of AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Decision, Action) Framework in setting up a high engagement meeting session. VAKAD is the representational elements need to meets the virtual participants unconscious minds.

Engaging Tools

– 100/100/100 rules
– The Tools
– Engaging participants

Day Summary: The use of tools such as virtual platform, online forms, online quizzes to make a virtual session interesting and engaging.

Making it Fun

– Zoom bombing
– Playing Games with Zoom
– Integration to engage

Day Summary: It will touch the use of gamification in making learning is met and participants experience learning in real time.

Conquering the Stage

– Offline to Online
– Flipchart
– Use of Camera and Screen

Day Summary: The use of offline and setting up of virtual meeting.

Advance Capabilities

– Prezi
– OBS (overview)
– Audio Clean Up

Day Summary: The choice of making slide more interesting and more engaging with by integrating with other application.

Bring it to Cloud

– Using the Cloud
– Creating Content
– Maximise the Web

Day Summary: Action to create own content from all the knowledge learn from day 1.

Collaboration the New Norm

– All for One
– Getting new Ideas
– World Café Solution
– Platforms

Day Summary: This will be covering the stage mastery and facilitation technique handling online sessions.

Putting it All together

– Making it Works!
– Putting it all together

Day Summary: Participants will use this day to show the result of all the knowledge gain and learn from the feedback given with each other.