AC Electrical Motors

Course Description

This knowledge will help to understand motor applications. You should complete Fundamental of Electricity before attempting Electric Motors-AC. An understanding of many of the concepts covered in Fundamental of Electricity is required for AC Motors.

This certification is most suited for:

Fresh graduates, engineers, managers, technicians, students and technical personnel.

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  • Be able to explain the concepts of force, inertia, speed, and torque.
  • Explain the difference between work and power.
  • Describe the construction of a squirrel cage AC motor.
  • Describe the operation of a rotating magnetic field.
  • Calculate synchronous speed, slip, and rotor speed.
  • Apply de-rating factors as required by an application.
  • Describe the relationship between V/Hz, torque, and horsepower.
  • Match an AC motor to an application and its load.

Training Duration : 2 Days


  • AC Motors Force and Motion
  • Energy
  • Electrical Energy
  • AC Motor Construction
  • Magnetism
  • Electromagnetism
  • Developing a Rotating Magnetic Field
  • Rotor Rotation
  • Motor Specifications
  • De-rating Factors
  • AC Motors and AC Drives
  • Matching AC Motors to the Load