Electrical Control Components

Course Description

This course covers control components and designed to develop detail knowledge of electrical concepts. It contains the important elements in designing protection scheme and overload control relay.

This certification is most suited for:

Fresh graduates, engineers, managers, technicians, students and technical personnel.

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  • State the purpose and general principles of control components and circuits.
  • State the difference between manual and automatic control operation.
  • Identify various symbols which represent control components.
  • Read a basic line diagram.
  • Describe the construction and operating principles of manual starters.
  • Describe the construction and operating principles of magnetic contactors and magnetic motor starters.
  • Identify various manual starters and magnetic motor starters, and describe their operation in a control circuit.
  • Explain the need for motor overload protection.
  • State the need for reduced-voltage motor starting.
  • Describe typical motor starting methods.
  • Describe the difference between normally open and normally pilot devices.
  • Describe the operating principles of control relays.

Training Duration: 2 Days


  • Control Circuits
  • Electrical Symbols
  • Line Diagrams
  • Overload Protection Overload Relays
  • Manual Control
  • Magnetic Contactors and Starters
  • Starter Ratings
  • Multi-Speed and Reversing Starters
  • Reduced-Voltage Starting
  • Solid-State Reduced-Voltage Controllers
  • Control Transformers
  • Control Relays
  • Timing Relays
  • Pressure Switches