Microsoft Excel Big Data Fundamentals


These 2 days training focuses on the business intelligence platform from Microsoft Excel that empowers end users to embrace concepts and capabilities of self-service business intelligence. Armed with the most popular tool ever, Microsoft Excel 2013 today offers a myriad of excellent and easy to adopt tools which would open everyone’s eyes into the world of advanced data analysis and reporting.

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Audience Profile

The target audience for this course are managers, executives and business users who need to analyse data & create reports/dashboards.


This training requires the following prerequisites :

  • Understands key business measures such as revenue, cost and profitability.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Excel.

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to :

  • Understand the features of Power Query to select and manipulate data from any sources.
  • Create basic PowerPivot workbooks for Microsoft Excel.
  • To perform calculation creating measures & calculated columns with DAXs functions.
  • Automate reports & dashboards with Power Query & Power Pivot.

Duration : 2 Days


Module 1: Introduction to Self-Service BI Solutions

In this module students will be introduced to the key concepts in business intelligence, data analysis, and data visualization. In addition, they will learn the rationale for self-service BI, considerations for using self- service BI, and how Microsoft products can be used to implement a self-service BI solution.

– Introduction to business intelligence
– Microsoft tools for self-service BI

Module 2: Introducing Power Query

This module explains how to use Power Query effectively.

– Power Query and Power Query Formulas
– ETL with Power Query
– Data Refresh
– Managing Data Sources and Queries

Module 3: Recap on Pivot Tables

– Creating Pivot tables
– Summarizing data with SUM, COUNT
– Calculating ratios
– Pivot Charts
– Slicers in Pivot tables
– Creating Dashboards

Module 4: Introducing Power Pivot

In this module we will explore PowerPivot and its analytical capabilities. PowerPivot is a data analysis add- on for Microsoft Excel that allows large amounts of data to be collected, aggregated, and analyzed in one workbook.

– Best Things That PowerPivot Brings to Excel
– What Will PowerPivot Do for the Analyst ?
– PowerPivot Versions
– VLOOKUP Not Required (Use Relationships)
– PowerPivot and Excel 2013
– Importing Data
– Data Models
– Relationships
– Simple PivotTable Reports
– Calculated Columns and Measures
– Refreshing Data
– Calculations


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