Overcoming GST Pitfalls through informed updates


Royal Malaysian Customs Department under its Customs Blue Ocean Strategy  (CBOS) initiative and the setting up of Collection Intelligence Arrangement(CIA) is targeting to review GST compliance for all GST registered companies in year 2018.

You could be one of them! Hence it is always advisable to be vigilant in compliance with all updates as GST rules and practices are CONSTANTLY EVOLVING. Companies irrespective of its size, business and locations has already experience this CBOS initiative with some of them having very bad consequence. 

The fact that offenders has already been taken to court and fine or compound and penalty imposed and appear in the press is a clear indication of the government seriousness in enforcing its compliance. GST is thus a subject that need to be kept abreast constantly.

This training seminar is designed to help all GST registered persons to ensure that their GST implementations are in line with the latest requirement of the GST Legislations and its policy decisions.

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Course Objective

  • Understand all the updates to the legislations including Ministerial Orders and decision policies.
  • Knowing the various Customs Technical committee decisions on the GST implications to different kinds of business transactions.
  • Knowing some Tribunal Decisions.
  • Avoid the common errors and committing offence in their implementations.
  • Knowing how to apply the appropriate tax codes to your daily transactions.
  • File correct GST returns and rectifying the return.

Methodology : 

Power point presentation and discussions.

Facilitator’s Profile

Kok Tee has over 40 years of experience in financial, strategic and general management. He has held a variety of leadership and senior management roles in various organizations, the last being Group Chief Executive Officer. More than half of this time are spend in the Manufacturing Marketing & Distribution and services organization, including those with the then Inchcape Timuran Berhad and Perdana Industries Berhad.

He is a Fellow member of the Association of International Accountants, UK; Member of the Institute of Public Accountants, Aust.; Member of the Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia; Member of the Malaysia Associations of Company Secretaries, holds a MBA in Finance from Charles Sturt University, Australia and a Gold Mastery Holder in Reinventing Strategic Planning and Management from the Haines Centre for Strategic Management, sponsored by University of San Diego, USA.

He is also a Certified Trainer with PMSB’s Train The Trainer Certificate since 2009 and a life member with the Malaysian Institute of Directors.

Kok Tee has been involved in training and facilitation since beginning 2009. To-date he had conducted more than 250 training workshops, of which more about 200 are for GST related including GST Accounting for both in-house as well as public, including for Government Authorities, Chamber of Commerce, Government Link Companies, Banks,  Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Selangor state Human Resource Development Centre, Negeri Sembilan state Skills Development Centre, NGOs, political party as well as on behalf of various other training providers.

He also developed delivered an Entrepreneurship program (training) specially for MBA students from GC University, Pakistan in collaboration with Sunway Education Group for period 2010 to 2014. He was also an assessor for the UTAR’s NGO strategic planning program and an invited speaker for the Asian Financial Controller’s Congress in 2009, 2010 and 2011.



GST updates under budget 2018
Governing Legislations and decision policies
Key enforcement areas to be aware
Obligations of GST registered and non-gst register person

Technical Committee Decisions to date

Tribunal Decisions

Common GST implementation pitfalls to avoid

Detail Transactional GST implementation
Human careless avoidance
Systems Error
Tax Code Application

Filing of Accurate Returns

– Check list
– Self Review of every submission with reconciliation statement
– Documentary evidences

Be ready for Customs GST Audit at all time

– Audit Framework
– Different types of audit
– Preparation Stages for and Process of audit

Appeal Procedures

– Appeal to  Director General
– Appeal to Tribunals and decision effect from tribunal’s decision
– Appeal to courts

Questions and Answers all along the way


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