Contract Management: Building Relationships in Business


Struggling to understand business contracts at work? This course will help you to understand contract management processes, gain the confidence to develop new contracts and build successful business relationships.

Contracts are fundamental to business activities and relationships are fundamental to all contracts. Learn all about the intricacies of contract management today.

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By the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Explore what can go right or wrong in relationships
  • Debate how the rules and regulations that govern public and private sector procurement can affect behaviour
  • Identify ways you can ensure that what you buy (or sell) is what you and your customer / client really needs
  • Engage in a stakeholder analysis activity by sharing your own ideas and providing feedback on others
  • Explore your supplier relationships and compare what your fellow learners are doing more or less of than in your own organisation
  • Reflect on what actions you will now take to learn more about the course topics and take the lessons forward into your workplace

Duration: 1/2 Days


  • ShortLectures/Presentations
  • GroupDiscussions
  • Individual/GroupPresentations
  • Short VideoClips
  • CaseStudy
  • RolePlays
  • SimulationActivities


Commercial relationships and the pitfalls to avoid in contracting

The rules and regulations that govern business, trade and public procurement and how this can affect behaviour

Understanding customers and designing a business case and subsequent delivery and support system around their needs

Contracts exist in chains and networks. Managing interdependency and business relationships

Ensuring that stakeholders are engaged

The role of negotiation and how to be in the best position to make Win-Win negotiations a reality

Managing risk and identifying ‘unknown unknowns’

Examining what innovation is and how it can be fostered

Introducing the top attributes of successful contracts and the new skill sets that will be required in the future

Understand the benefits contract simplification and visualization can bring to your contracting relationships

Understand why there is a growing use of performance and outcome-based contracting models


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