HR & Payroll Management Training


HR & Payroll Management is all about filling new and open positions with qualified candidates, and helping employees manage and understand their salaries and benefits. If you have that unique combination of strong logical and mathematical thinking and great interpersonal skills, then this is the career for you.

This course is integral for anyone looking to get themselves into the payroll and human resources field, including individuals straight out of high school / college looking to start their careers and business veterans who are looking for a change in scenery.

Let’s face it, companies need someone like you who can help them manage their employees and take care of their payroll management. Whether you are looking to start your first career or you need a change in your life, companies are always looking for great candidates who :

  • Know how to manage people
  • Have interpersonal skills
  • Can handle managing money
  • Understand tax restrictions and requirements
  • Are good at troubleshooting
  • Are organized and detailed

Our HR & Payroll Management course will give you everything you need to start your new career, all from the comforts of your own home. Making a big change like this does not have to come at the expense of your freedom.

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Every day, new jobs in payroll and human resources are becoming available, so get yourself on the path to success by enrolling in our online HR & Payroll Management course. Our team of professionals are ready and willing to help train you to be an asset to your future company. With our course, you’ll learn all of the tricks of the trade that you need, including:

  • How to get started in your career.
  • The industry jargon and terminology, and what it means.
  • How to recruit and hire new employees.
  • How to relate to, and manage, employees.
  • How to keep records, manage payroll, and handle employee benefits.

Methodology: Activities, Role Play, PPT Slides, Pre and Post Test.
2 Days


Getting Started

– Human Resources
– Payroll Management
– Necessary Skills
– Educational Requirements and Credentials
– Getting Hired

HR Trends

– Hiring Diversity
– Job Offer Negotiations
– Training and Development
– Generational Differences
– Working with a Leadership Team

Payroll and Benefits

– Exemption Status
– Retirement Medical Insurance
– Plans
– Sick Days, Personal Days, and Other Miscellaneous Employee Benefits
– Handling Payroll Questions


– Creating and / or Maintaining a Payroll System
– Documenting Personnel Conflicts
– Reporting Earnings, Taxes, and Other Data
– Employee File Must-Haves
– Confidentiality


– Keeping Employees Informed
– Maintaining Compliance
– Understanding and Adhering to Organizational Goals
– Using Technology to Connect
– Remaining Available


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