Motivating and Influencing

Why You Should Attend This Course

We face a future of increasing complexity, exploding information flows and greater uncertainty. In today’s volatile business environment, yesterday is ancient history. Like a game of chess, smart management requires intelligent strategies without unnecessary moves, moves that will cost you in the long run.
This course will provide your team with the right strategies and skills to identify opportunities and respond effectively. It will capture your imagination and give you the performance language and tools needed to bring others with you on the high-performance journey.

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  • Identify the Vital Determinants for Personal Leadership and Team Success.
  • Understand your Behaviour in the Performance Lifecycle.
  • Understand Team Development Stages and Performance Cycle of Teams.
  • Identify Barriers to Communication and Team Success.
  • Recognise and Avoid Psychological Performance Traps.
  • Develop the Right Strategies and Skills for Peak Performance and Team Success.
  • Develop Effective Interpersonal Communication and Problem-Solving skills.

Duration: 2 Days


Day 1

– Fundamentals of Personal and Team Leadership
– Traits, Skills and Behaviours of Effective Leaders
– Critical Success Factors for Personal and Team Success
– Dynamics of Goal Achievement and Peak Performance
– Motivating Self and Team for Personal Performance and Success
– Behaviours in the Performance Lifecycle that Impact Personal and Team Performance
– Development Stages of Teams Influencing Team Performance
– Maintaining Creative Energy for Productivity and Avoiding Performance Paralysis
– Leadership Skills Critical to Meeting Challenges and Managing Change

Day 2

– Understanding the Communication Process in the Performance Cycle
– ABehaviour Focused Communication – Keys to Influencing and Leading People
– Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills – Vital Communication Skills
– Managing Difficult Situations and Behaviours as Leaders
– Systematic Approach to Problem Solving and Decision making
– Influencing and Enhancing Positive Working Relationship
– Choosing the Right Strategies for Results
– Strategies to Inspire and Motivate Teams for Peak Performance
– Coaching for Performance

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who wants to develop personal leadership skills, newly-appointed managers and those aspiring to take leadership roles and those whose roles involve motivating team members for peak performance and team success.