Sexual Harassment Awareness

Why I Am Here ?

•  What is sexual harassment ?
•  Sexual Harassment vs Sexual Discrimination.
•  Identifying the difference.
•  The importance of sexual harassment awareness training.

Introduction of the Code of Practice and Eradication

•  Does the Code have legal effect ?
•  What is the aim of the Code ?
•  Sexual Coercion – condition of employment.
•  Sexual Annoyance – no condition on employment.
•  Forms of sexual harassment.
• Subjective test of sexual harassment- “to be perceived by the recipients”.
•  Is sexual harassment confined to workplace ?

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WHAT would you do when you face it ?

  • Recommendations by the code.
  • Policy statement outlining clear definition of sexual harassment, grievance procedure and committee to receive complaints.
  • Install disciplinary Rules and Penalties.
  • Protective and Remedial measures for the victim.
  • Promotional and Educational Programs.

Legal Obligations

  • Legal Obligations under S81A of the Employment (Amendment) Act 2012.
  • Importance of training supervisors/HR staff to receive sexual harassment
  • Format of receiving complaints.
  • Importance of written complaint from the victim.
  • Factors to consider when receiving complaint on sexual harassment.
  • Importance of proper investigation.

How to Handle Sexual Harassment Complains

•  Managing sexual harassment at workplace
•  Standard of proof
•  Burden of proof
•  Disciplinary process – suspension, show cause, Domestic Inquiry
•  Protection for the victim
•  How to deal with a false report
•  How to deal with a vexatious and frivolous report
•  How to deal with private misconduct which is sex – related
•  Discussion of Malaysian Cases on sexual harassment
•  Foreign cases from UK & Australia

Prevention & Eradication – A better environment- The better US!


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