Effective Safety Committee Training


Introduction to Safety Management System

This session will explore how Safety is managed in an organization. The participants will learn about concept of system. They will also be able to link the role of H&S in safety management.

The goal of this session is to put in perspective how they as individual and as group will contribute the safety performance. (Knowledge& Attitude)

Workshop 1: Case Study

The learners will discuss in several groups, real case studies on incidents. To be effective it is suggested to use incidents from the organization.

The goal of the discussion is to establish what an effective H&S committee member could have done to avoid the incident from happening. (Knowledge & Skill)

Workshop 2: Group Discovery
What is my role and responsibility as a safety committee member?

The learners will explore the Occupational Safety & Health Committee Regulation and share with each other their understanding of the regulations. This is a facilitated small group activity.

The goal of this session is to discover the legal requirements for H&S committee and also their functions. (Knowledge, Skill)

H&S Committee – Opportunities and Challenges

Having addressed the challenges, this session will lead the committee members to develop a criterion of a great H&S committee.

The goal of this session is to allow the participants to take ownership to their role as H&S committee. (Knowledge, Skill, Attitude)

H&S Committee: H&S Meeting

The members will plan and run an actual H&S committee meeting. At the end of the meeting the members will discuss the effectiveness of the meeting: –
(i) what went well and what could be improved. Program facilitator will provide his input on the meeting.

The goal of the session is to allow them apply and self-critic for future improvement and commitment. (Knowledge, Skill)

Safety Leader’s attribute

This session will discuss 3 important attributes of Safety Leaders that is required to be able to influence safe behavior. The attributes are: Being Open, Being Committed and Being Uncompromising.

The goal of this session is to provide an insight what it takes to be able to influence people’s behavior to work safely (Knowledge, Attitude)

Time Management Tools And Techniques

Using a range of tools and techniques that can assist with the process of managing time.



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