Business English - Communication & Writing


Business English course is specifically designed for students who use English in a professional setting and want to learn language that can help them achieve even greater success. With the course’s main focus on business communication, you will gain all the essential skills to meet the challenges of using English in the business world. The class is taught at an intermediate level and students should have a level of intermediate English language proficiency and writing experience. Various aspects of business English will be covered, including, but not limited to measurements, social language, participation in meetings, and presentations. Also in the course is an introduction to business letters – enquiries, ordering, confirmations, etc.

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Course Objective

  • Learn business English vocabulary and grammar through lessons on the latest topics in the business world.
  • Improve your speaking skills and pronunciation by taking part in classroom activities based on real business situations such as welcoming foreign clients and making telephone calls.
  • Practice giving business presentations and attending team meetings.
  • Develop essential skills and techniques for the workplace such as presentations skills and negotiation techniques.

Duration : 2 Days

Target Participants

  • Class room.
  • Interactive activities.
  • Knowledge Test.

Who Should Attend ?
Administrative Assistants, Secretaries, Support Staff, Office Managers and executives.



– Course outline and approach
– Describing your role & responsibilities
– Typical & critical scenarios you use the target language in – key issues.


– Chairing setting, the agenda, and controlling the conversation
– Participating, turn-taking, listening and taking notes
– Being diplomatic, agreeing and disagreeing

Effective Communication

– Guidelines for discussions
– Positive/negative language
– Active listening

Managing Conflict

– Styles of response to conflict
– Conflict management process
– Preventing damage from conflict

Business Correspondence

– Emails: register, style & standard phrasing
– Notes & Memos
– Business: specific language phrases


– Checking & Clarifying information
– Finance: specific scenarios
– Listening to different accents, intonations

Making Presentation

– Introducing a topic effectively
– Linking & sequencing ideas
– Concluding
– Responding to questions

Process Management

– Describing processes, cause and effect
– Critics & Recommendation
– Quality assurance


Skim reading reports and news feeds
How to report information and ideas
Writing reports: style, conventions

Social English

‘First five minutes’
Speed networking: ‘The Elevator Pitch’
Small talk
Business conversations

Other Areas of Language that will be covered

– Case Studies
– Writing effective proposals
– Managing teams
– Cross-Cultural awareness
– Discussing the wider economic picture


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