Safety Leadership


Businesses have made great strides in management of workplace safety in recent years through compliance with safety regulations, safer equipment’s & tools, safe work procedures and etc.

Despite many improvements and reductions in injury rates, businesses do still record accidents. To sustain improvements made and focus on further reducing risk of accidents and injuries, businesses need to continue to strengthen their safety management through effective employee engagement, improving communication process, increased involvement of line managers in safety interventions and trainings.

It is our strong belief that strong employee engagement is the most important and critical intervention that can lead to drastic improvement in safety performance. Through a consistent employee engagement managers and supervisors are showing their true commitment to safety at work.

In this ONE DAY workshop, the learners will learn on of most effective employee engagement technique called Visible Felt Leadership.

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To intervene and reinforce safe behaviors and correct unsafe behaviors timely.

Learning Outcome

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: –

  • Articulate and explain the H&S Aim and purpose of the organization.
  • List and Explain three levels of Organizational Safety Culture.
  • List and describe attributes of a Safety Leader.
  • List actions that can demonstrate Safety leadership attributes.
  • Demonstrate an understanding key safety leadership behavior such as Visible Felt Leadership & Giving and Receiving Feedback


The workshop will be facilitated entirely through experiential methodology.

  • Facilitator presentation
  • Group Discussion
  • Role Playing
  • Video
  • Field Activity

A host of activities has been designed that allows the participants to reflect and form their own learning through group discussion and actions.

The following feedback from participants of recent Safety Leadership program explains why delivery through accelerated learning technique can have huge impact on learners.



An Introduction to Employee Engagement 

  • What is Employee Engagement
  • Why Employee Engagement
  • Visible Felt Leadership (VFL), a form of employee engagement.

VFL Guidance

  • VFL Principles and Process
  • Do’s and Don’ts of VFL

VFL Interventions

  • Skills required for successful VFL Action
    • Observation skills
    • Communication Process
    • Listening Skills
    • Giving and Receiving Feedback

VFL Practice – Class Room Activity



Field activity

Participants will carry out a field observation activity to apply the 9 STEPS APPROACH.
Facilitator will provide guidance on the VFL process.

Course Categories

  • Effective Safety Committee Training
  • Workplace Ergonomics
  • Safety Leadership
  • Visible Felt Leadership