Total Productive Maintenance


Lean organizations strive to reduce waste in all phases of the operation. Some of the least understood and most overlooked sources of waste relates to the condition and maintenance of processing equipment. One premise of Lean Manufacturing is that equipment is ready to run whenever it is needed (to meet customer demands). If the equipment is unexpectedly shutdown in order to be repaired, critical deliveries may be missed. Poor equipment maintenance rekindles the “old” thinking that extra product inventory is needed as an
insurance policy just in case process equipment is not operational thereby undermining Lean efforts, adding more waste.

A TPM effort focuses the organization on keeping equipment functioning optimally by reducing the frequency of breakdowns, the need for long, costly rebuilds and by circumventing many equipment malfunctions and intermittent equipment problems. To this end, much of the day-to-day responsibility for routine maintenance is transferred to the person closest to the equipment, the equipment operator.

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  • Acquire knowledge on the full picture of what it takes to practice TPM well.
  • Learn what the company will need to do to successfully use TPM.
  • Developing knowledge on leading your management and supervision to a deeper understanding and willingness to put more effort and capital into establishing TPM properly.
  • Understand the importance of management support for any change to be successful.
  • Able to convince your management and supervision of the true effort in successful Total Productive Maintenance adoption.

Target Participants : This course is designed for maintenance personnel at all levels in a business organization
Durations : 2 Days



– Challenging the Limits
– What is Total Productive Maintenance ?
– The 6 Big Losses
– Who makes TPM activities happen ?

Autonomous Maintenance

– What is Autonomous Maintenance ?
– Roles of Maintenance and Engineering personnel
– Roles of Technicians and Operators

Keys To Success In Total Productive Maintenance

– Steps involve in Total Productive Maintenance
– Basic Tools
– The Excellent Shopfloor
– Equipment Life Cycle and Maintenance Activities

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

– Availability
– Performance Rating
– Quality Rating
– Calculating OEE

Planning for Total Productive Maintenance

– Planning for Implementation
– Rollout of Plant Maintenance Plan

Training for Total Productive Maintenance

– Related skills for operator’s maintenance and maintenance technician skills
– Training Plan
– Overcoming barriers to successful implementation
– Summary